Another Round

Anybody up for Another Round? This week we're joined by Fumbler Friend Nater! Cheers brothers!
Today we are joined by Fumbler Friend of the show: Nater! This week, it's Another Round, directed by Thomas Vinterberg. This is a film that was basically made for us. It follows four friends who fumble through life, by jacking up their BAC in an attempt to spark a little fiery passion back into their lives. It's super well made, it has beautiful shots, it has ups and downs, and it's all in Danish! So, should you be able to get past the barrier of subtitles, you will be rewarded with a film that is really special. But not special enough to make the Fumbler Hall of Fame... *cough* James *cough* Adrian *cough*

Cheers brothers.

Fumbler Score: 8.86

Should you also want to spice up your life and jack up that BAC, check out our new web series: Fumbled Not Stirred! We show you how to make drinks based off of or inspired by movies!

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