Do the Right Thing

Always do the right thing, and join us in doin' it for our 50th episode!
We managed to make it to 50 episodes! Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing has been one of the most impactful films we have done so far on this show. Making waves upon it's original release in 1989, this film has a unique blend of comedy, rawness, and impact that few have ever been able to pull off. Exploring many facets of racial inequality, the wardrobe/set design are really the only things that feel dated about this film, and given that it came out 32 years ago, it's sad to see so many similarities against the present backdrop of the political landscape we've had for the last handful of years. Even so, its ability to spark conversation and awareness to a huge issue in our society, while managing to maintain humor and a sense of realness, puts this one into the Fumbler Hall of Fame!

Here is more information/where you can donate to Black Lives Matter and associated organizational partners.
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