Mary and Max

You are my best friend, you are my only friend. We're back with Mary and Max and we're joined by Fumbler Friends Jordyn and Helen!
This week, we are re-joined by Fumbler Friends Jordyn and Helen!

Mary and Max, directed by Adam Elliot, explores facets of humanity that you probably would not expect from a claymation, yet the medium lends itself perfectly for such a task. It has superb writing, clever humor, and an incredibly stylistic look that tie together a story that will make you laugh, cry, and cherish your friendships and your own imperfectness. This one is truly beautiful, and makes it way into the Fumbler Hall of Fame!

Collective Fumbler Score: 9.2

Next week we are yet again (again) continuing the animation train with the new Pixar film: Luca, which will be available on Disney+ starting Friday June 18th! Catch us live every Saturday on Twitch at ~9:30pm MT for a chance to pick our next movie!

Stay tuned for more info on the new show, Cringeship, hosted by Jordyn and Helen, coming soon! for all our links!
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