Mortal Kombat (2021)

GET OVER HERE... and fight it out with us as we fumble through the newly released Mortal Kombat! Which is absolutely an ape movie and definitely fits right in with Ape-ril.
Some of the boys took some extra shots for this one. We're back and continuing Ape-ril by forcefully jamming Mortal Kombat into it! Directed by Simon McQuoid, this iteration of the popular video game (back to back video game movies btw) takes a different turn by introducing a new character, Cole Young, into the Mortal Kombat universe. We're sure, in fact we know, that MK purists will be vehemently opposed to this, but when you're tryin' to make that money, you gotta give the newbies something to follow along with. With a surprising (totally appropriate) amount of gore, fun callbacks to the game's famous lines, and a finger on the pulse of spamming low kicks against your siblings, Mortal Kombat was, if nothing else, a fun watch. for all our links!
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