Space Jam: A New Legacy

Look how they massacred my boy... Episode 69 goes to Space Jam: A New Legacy. I guess Space Jam is a euphemism right?
We are back and live in person for the first time in 60 EPISODES. 60! That's some crazy shit.

Space Jam: A New Legacy, directed by Malcom D. Lee was... pretty rough to watch. They definitely did not have us in the first half, but the second half was actually not terrible! The self deprecating jokes definitely made it bearable, and Lebron James did much better than most thought he would, but this one doesn't hold a candle to the original. Perhaps it's because we're a group of late 20's men(children), perhaps it's because it's kind of an hour and 50 minute ad, or perhaps, just maybe, we forgot how to have fun...

Yeahhh, it's not that, we have fun and we had a blast making this episode!

Collective Fumbler Score: 3.975

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