The Big Lebowski

To accompany our newest episode of Fumbled Not Stirred, we're sippin' White Russians and hittin' the alley with The Big Lebowski!
The Big Lebowski sits in that weird place where it's defined some aspects of our culture and is pretty well known, but hasn't really reached a massive audience, yet most people know lines from the movie, or at the very least have heard of The Dude. The Coen Brothers nailed something special with this one; it's a film built up and carried by incredible characters (played by an incredible cast), with no details spared, and an overall vibe that is unmatched. And the vibe is really why you watch (and re-watch) this movie.

Collective Fumbler Score: 8.8

If you want to make your very own White Russian like The Dude, check out our latest episode of Fumbled Not Stirred!

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