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Got a few minutes? Go boil an egg.

Under Wraps

Happy Halloween! The final installment in our spooky season series might just breathe life into your soulless rotting body.

Braindead/Dead Alive

This weeks spooky season pick: Braindead! Come kick some arse for the Lord!


We're continuing our spooky season with Coraline! And a very Happy Birthday to James!

Halloween (2007)

It's Halloween season, so we're doing Halloween (the Rob Zombie one). Are you a beefy Michael type, or a scrawny Michael type?

The Thing (1982)

We're kicking off the spooky season with The Thing! Some of these crewmates are acting a little sus...

The Devil All The Time

This movie only strengthens the argument that Robert Pattinson is on the path to being a legendary actor, you heard it here first. That might be all it strengthens though.

The Florida Project

A beautiful picture of a sad and unfortunate circumstance. A24 does it yet again.


Oldboy is a bit of an insane movie. Anyone here with an AB blood type, raise your hand.

Mulan (2020)

We're back with the new live action remake of Mulan! Let's get down to business... to redeem the songs!

A Fistful of Dollars

Get 3 shots ready for this one. We're back with the classic spaghetti western: A Fistful of Dollars! My mistake. 4 shots.

Running Scared

The commercial history of film stems all the way back to 1895, and as of 2015 there were thought to be approximately 500,000 movies in existence. But this is the hill that James is willing to die on.


Today we welcome Fumbler Friends Helen and Will with another one from A24: Hereditary. Will this movie posses a Fumbler into a perfect score?


Today we learn that James didn't know there was a shark in the movie, Snoop Dogg makes wine, and that the Paramount Decree is no longer. Bring a largish boat and come try to catch a big fish with us!

This is Spinal Tap

Crank this one to 11! This is Spinal Tap!

The Royal Tenenbaums

Jay has beef with Gwyneth Paltrow, James has a thing or two to say about quirky teenagers, and Adrian and Taryn are somehow caught in the crossfire. So grab a couple burgers and enjoy our whimsical journey through Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums.

Palm Springs

Since we're all stuck inside, we might as well party vicariously through Palm Springs! Our 20th episode put us in one of those infinite time loop situations you might have heard about. Again.


This one struck us deep... come fumble through Harakiri!

The Lighthouse

Why'd you spill yer beans?! Embark with us on a journey through The Lighthouse!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

You're doing too much, do less... and join us as we fumble through Forgetting Sarah Marshall!

The Godfather

The Godfather made us an offer we couldn't refuse, and now it's in the Fumbler Hall of Fame! Join us as we fumble through this legendary film.

Your Name

An absolutely beautiful movie, with yet another play on time. Come live out your dreams as we fumble through Your Name!

Kids (1995)

As our first listener suggested movie, the controversial film Kids (1995) left us questioning just what kind of audience we attract. Join us next week for Your Name!

Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Hold on to your butts!

Back to the Future

Great Scott! This time we're going back... to the future!


RoboCop: this cheesy 80’s classic cuts deeper than we expected, while still maintaining all the fun — we’d buy that for a dollar!

Groundhog Day

We’re back with Groundhog Day! Ever have déjà vu? We sure as heckfire have. The classic time loop film starring Bill Murray has us feeling like maybe Phil really did see his shadow this morning in these weird times. We’re back with Groundhog Day! Ever have déjà vu? We sure as heckfire have. Never had déjà vu? Try checking with the kitchen!


Our first sweetheart movie with ratings to match! Pixar's Wall·E brings out a lot of commentary on humanity and technology layered with beautiful animation and music, and a wonderful story.


For our first official comedy movie, we decided to go with a classic. A classic? What is it? Well it's a a work of art of recognized and established value, but that's not important right now. Join us as we veer way off course on our ride through Airplane!

Doctor Sleep

Stephen King's world tries to cling to life in Doctor Sleep, but we go deeper to see what makes this movie shine.

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